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Installation Guide TradeFoxx works only with NinjaTrader version 8

Pre-Requisites (Free to simulate and practice)

  1. You will need NinjaTrader 8 Latest version installed with a real-time data-feed
  2. Click here to get NinjaTrader 8 and RECEIVE Free Real-time Data-feed

 Free Trial Installation for NinjaTrader

  1. Temporarily disable your computer Antivirus program.
  2. Click the download button run the installer and follow instructions.
  3.  The import scripts will be found in the directory  C:\TradeFoxx\
  4. Open NinjaTrader use the menu and go to Tools> Import> Ninja Script ;to install scripts.
  5. Free trial is 14 days – a message popup will alert you and you can chose to buy
  6. For all technical support and questions click here to visit the Help Desk

Download Entry Guide PDF

For details on installation and removal please see below for details.

Video How to setup a Trading Chart.

Video How Trade the indices with TradeFoxx Indicators

Free Trial 30 Days